Adding Friends in Rockage Online is a important part of the game. Adding friends not only creates social interaction among players but is a requirement for many of the beginner quests such as Popularity quest and Elevation quests.

There are 2 types of friends in Rockage Online- Online friends - those met through the game and -Facebook Friends - friends either met through the game and then added to your facebook profile or facebook friends that also play the game.

Adding friends is easy to do, when you are in chat you can click on anyone's name and it will bring up a popup list, simply choose friend from the list to send a friend request to that person. They will get an ingame email notifying them of the request as well as the image in the lower right corner of the screen will flash your avatar with the words "add me" below it. To complete the process simply click the "add me" button, which will bring up a window asking you to make a choice to ignore, add or deny the friend request. Once you click add they will be added to your friends list and will be included in the top row of icons at the bottom of your screen.