Basic InformationEdit

Army or Troops are the most important factor for defending your city, capturing the Heroes and conquering the world. All you need is a Barrack built in your city to train your army. By upgrading the Barrack and Technologies, more advanced troops can be trained.

There are dozens of types of armies and each kind costs different amount of resources to train. For more details, please check here.

How to produce your Army?Edit

You need to build a Barrack in your city so that you can train your Army.


  • Each soldier will take population in your city. For example, a Porter need 1 population while a Catapult need 5 population. You need houses to support a large amount of armies.
  • Army will also consume grains, that means you need to level up farms to feed your armies. Or your armies will gradually die out in your city!
  • Normally people would like to build 6+ Barracks to product troops and armies.