Basic InformationEdit

The barracks is where you train and dismiss an army, and it is the building you will have the most of in your cities. It is here where you produce the military that you need to go to war or defend your city. Since wars are waged everyday in the world of Envoy, you will surely need a lot of barracks to prepare for war.

As you level your barracks, you will also be able to produce more advanced military units. For a level 1 barracks you will be able to produce Porters and Militias. As you progress leveling the barracks you are able to produce units such as Scouts, Spearmen, Archers and Mammoth.

You can build as many barracks as you want, but make sure there is open Building Site in your city and you can support your army with enough Grain. Most top players have at least 15 barracks in each of their cities to be able to produce troops as quickly as possible.


Army TrainingEdit

You can only conduct a training session at one time. But you can schedule some training queues so that the training speed is maximized. The training queue you can schedule equals to the level of your Barrack. Usually army training takes a long time to go, and it is the only build type that cannot be accomplished instantly by Speed-up Items. You can only cut off the training time in the following ways:

Appoint a hero with high Courage as General to cut the initial training time;

Research technology Military Science to cut the initial training time;

Select fast or faster mode to cut the initial training time with Resource;

Apply the Item Training Scroll to cut the remaining training time.


Barrack Requirements [edit data]
Level Grain Lumber Stone Iron Building Tech Constr.Workers
1 800 1200 1500 1000 Rally Point Level 1 none 4
2 1665 2495 3120 2080 Rally Point Level 1 none 8
3 3425 5125 6415 4280 Rally Point Level 1 none 16
4 6975 10405 13035 8705 Rally Point Level 1 none 28
5 14050 20860 26175 17505 Rally Point Level 1 none 44
6 27990 41305 51930 34800 Rally Point Level 1 none 64
7 55140 80750 101785 68380 Rally Point Level 1 none 88
8 107415 155850 197055 132795 Rally Point Level 1 none 116
9 206880 296895 376770 254835 Rally Point Level 1 none 148
10 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Rally Point Level 1 none 184

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