Why we need to conquer wildlands?Edit

Wildlands can make benefits for you in 4 aspects

1. Increase resource production, which influences your construction, army training and so on.

2. Gather resources, who influence your construction, army training and so on.

3. Collect gems, who act a part in upgrading nobility and rewarding heroes.

4. Capture a Hero.


Scout trained

Espionage Technology Lv1 or above

Royal Point Lv1 or above

Hero Club Lv1 or above

At least one free Hero

Having a troop that you think can defeat the wildland’s

Steps of conquering a wildlandEdit

1. Meet the requirements

2. Scout the wildland and read the ‘Scout Report’ in Report.

3. March your troop to conquer the wildland.

4. Fight a battle. If you win, the wildland is yours until you abandon it or someone else succeeds to defeat your troops in it.


  • The wounded soldiers at battle will be sent to Field Hospital (Royal Point). They can be healed and fight for you again or otherwise die without in-time treatment.
  • Hero in the wildland has a chance to be captured after conquering.
  • If you succeed in capturing a hero, please go to Hero Club and enlist him/her in 24 hours, or he/she will escape from your city soon after that.
  • Your Hero will be unhappy if the conquer mission fails, and his loyaty and health will decrease.