Basic InformationEdit

The farm produces food, which is used for construction, research, and mainly for your army. You need food to expand your army, send your army places, and to feed your army while in your city. Farming supports a great amount of food production but when players have very high negative levels, farms will barely help (other than making the negative levels less worse than without farms) and pushes players to NPC farm and/or go to the Market.


  • Food is a very important resource in Rock Age Online as you will need to feed your army every hour. In addition to being important in the feeding of troops, food is also important when it comes to some construction types and troop training. In the beginning on a new server you don’t really need to build many farms, as food will be the least valuable resource and you won’t have that many troops to feed at this point. Later on the server you might want to capture level 10 NPCs, as these are filled up with lots of level 10 farms.
  • Generally however, food will remain pretty cheap on all servers as it is easy to get food from plundering NPCs.