Basic InformationEdit

Gems are quite useful in Rock Age Online. They are required to upgread your Nobility and to complete all kinds of quests. You can also use Gems to increase the loyalty of your Heroes.


Pearl, Coral, Glaze, Amber, Agate, Crystal, Emerald, Jade and Moonstone are all gems.

How to get GemsEdit

Harvest in WildlandsEdit

You can acquiring these gems by conquering the wildlands and harvest. You need to leave your troops in the wildland you've conquered in order to perform "Harvest" action.

Swamp Emerald, Pearl, Coral
Desert Glaze, Jade, Agate
Hill Jade, Agate, Crystal
Grassland Amber, Crystal, Jade
Lake Moonstone, Pearl, Coral
Forest Amber, Crystal, Emerald
Plain You can build a new City here when you are qualified.
Exchange from playersEdit You can send gems to your friends as a gift via Gift Sending system. The more advanced you are, more kind of Gems can be exchanged.

Purchase in Mall

You can buy Jewel Chests in Mall and unlock them to get random gems.

Gem UsageEdit

Beside compeleting quests, gems also can be used to increase the loyalty of your Heroes.

Pearl +5 Loyalty
Coral +10 Loyalty
Glaze +15 Loyalty
Amber +20 Loyalty
Agate +25 Loyalty
Crystal +30 Loyalty
Emerald +40 Loyalty
Jade +50 Loyalty
Moonstone +60 Loyalty
*Gold 1300 Gold will increase 1 -20 Loyalty


  • You need a high level Hero and a large group of army to increase the successful harvesting rate of Gems in wildlands. Don't forget to click Gather button to start collecting gems!