Basic InformationEdit

Gold is the in-game currency used mainly to buy and sell the other four resources, pay heroes' salaries and research Technologies in Institute.

How to earn GoldEdit

There are four main ways to get Gold:

From Tax revenueEdit

Your people donate Gold to you every hour. As it is calculated as a percentage tax against total population, you can increase Tax revenue by either raising the Tax Rate in City Hall or by building and upgrading houses to accommodate more people. However, higher Tax Rate will lead to a decrease in Happiness and a downfall in population. For details, please refer to Tax Rate.

Sell ResourcesEdit

Food, Lumber, Stone or Iron in Market to the system (Official Market) or other players. The former will cost you a Merchant Note. For more details, please refer to Market.

Sell your Harvests from Royal RanchEdit

A Level 5 Market is required to sell your fruits from Royal Ranch to the system. For details, please refer to Ranch.

Plunder Gold off other players or NPCsEdit

For details, please refer to Plunder.