This guide is for leveling your hero until lv.100 fast with 0 casualties if you complete the requirements and carefully follow the steps. The requirements may not be easy for some players but the outcome is really worth it.


At least 10kLight Cavalries (more Light Cavalries = more enemies u can kill=More Exp)

  • They are fast (can plunder lots of wild lands back and forth)
  • They are strong (can go 1vs1 any unit from militia-light cavalry w/out making them flee and win with 0 casualty)

At least 6Scouts + lv3 Espionage and lv6 Rally Point

  • Need to scout lots of neighboring wild land at the same time and give accurate enemy numbers.

Your hero:Courage (easiest to lvl) or Politics/Intelligence (bit slower to lvl)

  • Lower lvl hero (less than lv30) get lower exp at first but after reaching lv40 they’ll get full exp, maybe because of leadership. So it’s better to have lv40+ hero from the Inn(found them common at lv9)
  • The stats for your hero is up to you to decide, but try lv. 40 with 110+ stats be it courage, intelligence or politics

At least lv5 Battle Skill (atk tech)

  • Battle skill bonus is for pol/int heroes, they have low courage so we need to have bonus dmg from other things like tech/equips/mall items (war horn/runes)
  • Equip your int/politics hero courage gears if you have extra

At least 40%Bonus speed (from Tech which is Riding or from Mount equip or both as long as the total is 40%)

  • Need to move 1400 battle distance when facing enemy archers
  • IMPORTANT - if you don’t meet this requirement,don’t fight archers coz you will incur casualties

At least 1hour playing time

  • The result of this guide greatly depends onyour playing time and patience following this kind of hero lvling


1. Ready yourtroops and the hero to be lvled

  • Must be in the same city and be sure to have enough grain production for your light cavalries

2. Scoutneighboring wild lands (lv8-10).

  • Level of Rally point = max number of march (scout/plunder/conquer etc.)
* You can send 1scout for each wildland
           * Scout plains too, you might skip them coz u think they are just empty lots

3. Checkreports similar to the image below and record the results

  • You may need to write the results on a notepad or anywhere you can easily see and record it like this: 132:445 – 6k(coordinates – number of enemies)
  • Have at least 4 reports of that kind
  • Choose reports that have more advance units (Lightcavalry/Archers) and numbers same or close to your light cavalry army.

Must Find
4. Plunder thewild land

  • Follow the numbered steps from the image below on how to plunder
  • In sending troops to plunder try to be as close to the enemy numbers. If the enemy has 5123 archers send 5100 light cavalries
  • IMPORTANT - when using politics/intelligence heroes to lead your army, you can only battle militia,spearman and archers (given u completed the +40% spd requirement).
  • IMPORTANT – if you want to plunder wildlands with light cavalry(highest exp giver) guarding it, try this only when you have150 courage hero or more leading your army.

Plunder.jpg (61.95 KB)
2010-10-15 16:08
Sample report (Super Exp) <-- do not try this at home LOL if your using a hero with not so high courage

For questions/clarifications please PM me in-game (Exe) or post a reply here so that everyone will be clarified. Try this now while the event is on, very timely to lvl-up heroes for downtown conquering while gaining event quest items