As the Epic War is coming soon, it's time to train enough army and get what's needed to win the huge war. The following matters is somewhat essential for you to conquer a downtown.

Army: 100,000 Scouts
20,000 Battering Rams
20,000 Cataphracts
100.,000 Archers
40,000 Spearmen
30,000 Swordsmen
5,000 Ballista
other army units:10 for each

Technology: You'd better upgrade the following battle related technology to at least Lv9 (Lv10 to be safe)
Battle Skill
Iron Defense
Battle Curing

Hero: a main hero at Lv70 over 150 Courage (better legendary hero) and 5~6 minor heroes at Lv30+ with 100+ Courage.
leadership is particularly important here, it determines if the hero bonus can be shared with the whole army. (his attack/courage will give bonus to army attack, and his Intelligence/defense will give bonus to army defense)

Items: Military Flag: to increase the marching amount. with a lv10 Rally Point, you can send out 125,000 troops.
Medical Literature: to increase wound rate. usually it will be 10% on player side against a npc city. it will increase it to 40%. so when you lose 10,000 Cataphracts, you will get 4000 Cataphracts in Field Hospital instead of 1000.
Combat Rune: to increase hero attack, so
Leadership Rune: to increase hero leadership, so your army get more bonus from the hero.
War Horn
Wisdom Runes


1. Set all units' Plunder and Conquerstrategies to Defend before the war

2.Make full use of ranged army unitsto stall the rounds and instantly kill the charging units of the enemy at the precise time

3. Make sure a second troop is engagedin the war the instance the first troop finish, otherwise new arm units willspawn in the NPC cities.

4. Equip your Hero with Mount andapply Tactic "Forced March" Process Scout Detach 100,000 Scouts and your bestHero to inquired out the deployment of the enemy troops and eliminate theirScouts. (Normally, your enemy has 70,000 Scouts.)

Plunder and Eliminate First Plunder: Send your best Hero,80,000 Archers, 40,000 Spearmen, 4991 Cataphracts and 1 of each of the otherarmy units. Round 1: Scouts move first to get theupper hand, Archers defend and kill enemy's scouts, and other units defend. Round 2: The Light Cavalry advances,Archers kill enemy's Light Cavalries with the protection from Spearmen, andother units defend. Round 3: The Swordsman advances,Archers kill enemy's Cataphracts with the protection from Spearmen, and otherunits defend. Round 4: The Militia advances, Archerskill enemy's Archers with the protection from Spearmen, and other units defend. Round 5: The Battering Ram advances,Archers kill enemy's Ballistas with the protection from Spearmen, and otherunits defend. Round 6: You're probably left withSpearmen, Archers and Cataphracts only and enemy's melee units are approaching.Spearmen advances to fight enemy's Spearman, Archers defend and attackSpearmen, and Cataphracts defend. Round 7: Spearmen defend and fightSwordsmen, Archers defend and fight Swordsmen, and Cataphracts defend. Round 8: Spearmen defend and fightMilitias, Archers kill Militias and Cataphracts defend. Round 9: Spearmen defend and fightPorters, Archers kill Porters and Cataphracts defend. Round 10: Spearmen attack Mammoths,Archers kill Mammoths and Cataphracts defend. Round 11: Spearmen, Archers andCataphracts lauch the final attack against Battering Rams. If any accident distracts you fromsticking to this strategy, please start the second plunder without interval.

First Conquer Army Unit: 20,000 Cataphracts orSwordmen, 5,000 Ballistas, 12,000 Scouts and all the other remaining units. All units stand still defending, andadvance when enemy's melee units approach. Ballistas fire at enemy's ArcherTowers the instance they are within the shooting range. Once most of theenemy's Rolling Logs and Rockfalls are destroyed by Swordsmen, 11,000 Scoutsadvance to sabtage Abatises, followed by Cataphracts. Finally, you can sendBattering Rams to try to breah open Walls.

Second Conquer Swordsman: a few thousands. Some of enemy's Fortification Unitswill be restored as the city got Level 10 Technology. Send a few thousandSwordsmen to deal with them. Dispatch 5 or 6 troops each with 3,000Battering Rams, 2,000 Swordsman to lauch consecutive attacks at enemy's Walls.After 6 to 9 hours of continuous offensive, their Happiness will drop to 0.It's time to conquer the city.