Basic InformationEdit

A tribe is a collection of players that form together to bond, help each other out, war together, give advice, among having fun. You need to have a Level 1 Embassy to join a tribe.

How to Join a TribeEdit

There are two ways to get yourself into a tribe, either applying to a tribe that is recruiting new members or asking a tribe member to send you an invitation.

Apply to Join a TribeEdit

Go to your Embassy and click on Tribe List to view the information of all the Tribes in your world.
Click on the Eyeball icon to see the details of a specific tribe.
Click on "Apply for Membership" in the open-up box.
Once the Tribe Leader approve your application, you will officially be a member of that tribe.

Accept an InvitationEdit

Tribe officials are able to invite players to join the tribe by entering their names. The target’s information will show in the Tribe Invitation Panel. Once the invitation is accepted, they will become a member of the tribe.

What to do in a TribeEdit

  • Members of the same alliance can do the following with each other
  • Transport resources to and from each other
  • Reinforce each others' cities with their own armies
  • Talk to each other in a private Tribe chat