Basic InformationEdit

Resources are one of the No.1 important parts in Rock Age. If you compare your kingdom to a human being, then resources might be the bones carrying the body. Just like bones are needed to create red blood cells that deliver oxygen to keep every part of your body alive, resources are needed to construct your city buildings, build and feed your armies, march a troop and so on, as you can see, to keep your kingdom alive. Above all, get more resources and make your kingdom stronger.

Where to get resourcesEdit

1. Build and level up resource buildings in Suburb.

2. Succeed in plundering wildlands or others' cities.

3. Buy resources in the Market.

4. Conquer wildlands to increase resource production.


There’re 4 kinds of resources in Rock Age, Grain, Lumber, Stone and Iron, and the information below is what they are used for.

1. Construct buildings: generally speaking all 4 kinds of resources are needed.

2. Train Armies: Grain, Lumber and Iron are needed to train most kinds of the armies except Ballista, who needs stone as well.

3. Train Fortified Unit: generally speaking all 4 kinds of resources are needed.

4. Be provision: grain is specialized to be the provision of the armies, whether they stay in the city or go out on the march.


  • Grain is No.1 needed because it is not only used in training and building, but also in feeding the armies.
  • Stone and Lumber are fast used at the beginning when you work at buildings.
  • Lumber and Iron is fast used when you train armies.
  • Stone won’t be used in army training until you reach the final one, Ballista.