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Rock Age Online

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Rock Age OnlineEdit

Rock Age Online is a free to play strategy game with social interactions. Based on the Rock Age period, you can build your own empire and rule the world.

You are about to begin an exciting journey in one of the most advanced strategy games, also known as the "Game of the Brain". You begin the game by setting up your own City from its infancy, producing essential Resources, and building out a power Army and strengthing your City's defense at the same time. Once the time comes, you will be charged to march out and conquer Wildlands and Enemy Cities. During this process, you will enjoy the fun of enlisting some of the most powerful Legendary Heroes to fight for you.

This is the Sega of Wars and Peace, Honor and Friendship, Command and Conquer, and Wisdom and Fun.

Key FeaturesEdit

  • Intellects to Develop your Cities;
  • Strategies to deploy your resources and troops;
  • Policies to winover your people's hearts;
  • Leadership to recruit and commandyour Heros;
  • Courage to fight on in any intense conbat;
  • Diplomacy to get along with other Tribes.

Since Rock Age Online is a strategy game, you need to compete with other players with resources collecting, city building, hero/city management, conquering the wild land, capturing the wild generals and enlarge your force.

Game BasicsEdit

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