Basic InformationEdit

Resource transport is a common affair in Rock Age, and it is popular because you may always need to transfer lumber and iron to train armies, stone to construct buildings, grain to feed the troops, resources to your allies and so on. All these lead up to the fact that you need to learn how to transport resources from A to B. OK, here we go.

Steps of Transporting Resources from A to BEdit

1. Open the ‘World’ panel and find your destination coordinate.

2. Click the destination city and choose ‘Transport’.

3. Set up the troop to complete transport mission.

4. Load the resources on your troop within their space limit.

5. Click ‘March’ option then your troop will start to transport.

6. The status of your troop can be seen in ‘Military Intel’->’March’. If they finish transport mission, there will be a report, and the troop will march back automatically.


  • Cities belonging to you and members in the same tribe with you can be destinations of transport mission.
  • Porter and Mammoth, whose load is relatively high, are fit for transport mission.
  • Attention: You Can't transfer resources among your cities via Market.