What is Gift PointsEdit

Gift Points allow you to buy items in Mall, which you may otherwise use Diamond (real cash) to buy.

How to Earn Gift PointsEdit

You can earn free Gift Points by completing quests or participating in our events. And you can always check the ongoing events in Bulletin Board.

Use Gift Points WiselyEdit

Make Full Use of Free ItemsEdit

The game gives out a bunch of in newbie gift packs and Growth quest, such as Construction Scroll, Logging Rune and Merchant Fleet. Be sure to try all of them to get to know how they work and find the most useful for you before you spend Gift Points in the Item Mall.

Always Check Special OfferEdit

Discount is given on a variety of items from time to time. Checking Special Offer regularly might save you a lot of Gift Points or Diamonds.

Purchase RecommendationEdit

Labor Order: A Labor Order assigns more labors to your construction tasks and thus increases the maximum allowable number of construction process (also called Building Queues) from 2 to 5. Once used, its effects will last for 3 days, and its time of effectiveness can be stacked for multiple usage (50 Diamond/Gift Points)
Merchant Note: Merchant Note is needed when you trade with Merchant on the Official Market. (5 Diamond/Gift Points)
Speed-up items: includes Construction Rune, Research Scroll and so on.